How could I say no to merladies?? I couldn’t. (9 v 9)

Note that the better off you are the more extravagant your ear fins are. Also Sam loves to scavenge near wrecks, and because of this she got into a little scruff with some sharks. It resulted in one of them taking a nip out of her fin, which she’s pretty self-conscious about. Then there’s Kenny, she takes joy in luring men out to the rocky parts of the sea and then drowning them, albeit rather violently, probably because she had a bad experience with them?. She also has the sharpest teeth of her friend group, which Kylie is rather frightened of. -Mod Stormy

//Sweats nervously //-Mod Stormy 
Thank you all so much. Q n Q

//Sweats nervously //-Mod Stormy
Thank you all so much. Q n Q

Whelp this got angsty fast—a one shot


Erica was used to pain; physical, mental, emotional—she thought she’d run the gamut of every pain known to man, every agonizing moment of injury or loss or hate or disappointment.  She’d faced them all and she’d conquered them all.  No pain was worth her time.

But this, this pain…this stood all on its one.  It wrenched at her chest somewhere deep in her veins, running through her blood as it pumped through her aching heart.  It wasn’t pleasant.  And she wasn’t conquering it.

Because they were holding hands.

Right there, right in front of her face and aching heart, she saw gloved fingers intertwined and laughs shared and smiles exchanged and


It ached so much to see him smile at her.  He never allowed Erica such a pleasant expression.  A smirk, maybe, but usually she received a sneer or a glare from him.  A perpetual frown accompanied by eyes rolled towards the ceiling as he admonished her for the tenth time over the fact that they weren’t putting ‘hella’ in the cheer.

But Sam got a smile.  A perfect little cheeky grin that drove Erica crazy.  It’d never been directed towards her.  Sam, however, got it on a daily basis.  She just had to walk in and toss that perfect hair over her shoulder and that smile was all hers to soak in and enjoy and return as they held hands right in front of Erica.

It wasn’t intentional—she had to remind herself several times over the course of a day that their reveling in their rekindled relationship was not intended to hurt her and break her down and cause such a pain she didn’t know how to handle it.  She could glare into space and snap at Kylie all she wanted for compensation, but nothing could quench the fiery pain in her chest when Wesley smiled at Sam like that.

When Wesley didn’t smile at her like that.


Oh dear that was so- My poor little heart! I just, this Candy shipper is truly happy right now despite the tears in her eyes. -Mod Stormy





"My mom is fine and whatever, but sometimes she wants to talk about shit that just sounds weird coming out of her mouth. Like about masterbaution, and safe sex, and she’ll even try and tell me how to handle a partner, but I mean… I don’t want to talk about that stuff with her. It’s great that she wants to actually talk about sex because the school can’t manage to teach us anything useful, but if I wanted to know something I can ask Kenny, or even look on the internet, but my mom? No thanks. Sometimes I feel bad because she doesn’t have a lot of friends to talk to, but then she starts talking about being how being “big-boned” doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy good sex and I don’t feel bad anymore.”

They went out and bought floral clothing then went on a trip to the botanical garden. They were the center of attention from a lot of the elderly people there who thought the two looked absolutely precious. Marjorine totally offered to buy Kenny her floral shirt by the way. Here’s an early birthday gift, and I hope you have a good one kangaspark!  U v U -Mod Stormy

Anonymous sent:
Thanks so much for the response (I'm the anon that asked about making a genderbend blog)! Yeah, I understand how frustrating it is to have something you've worked really hard on ripped off of... To be honest I already designed a couple of the main characters, and when I did I put conscious effort into making them as different from yours as I possibly could, and I made sure none of the names were the same :) Anyway, I just didn't want you to feel like I wanted to take your designs!

Oh no it’s fine. I really appreciate you asking me, and what ever you decide to do I hope you have lots of fun with it! C: -Mod Stormy

Anonymous sent:
I'm curious to see how many followers this blog has

Oh gosh. I usually don’t answer this kind of stuff but let’s say I’ve been trying to decide what to do for a give away for a while now. I’m not giving exact numbers, but we’ve been over 1,000 for a real long time now and I feel terrible because I haven’t come up with some way to thank you all. ; n ; - Mod Stormy

Mini Reboot!

Okay so I’ve noticed that Tumblr is very temperamental with hyphens. I’ve been getting notifications, but when I go to the tag it’s empty. So from now on I will be tracking the tag “GBSPASK” all together no spaces, and no hyphens. So if you want us to see something please use this tag instead when posting. Thank you. : ) -Mod Stormy

Anonymous sent:
So I've been having these thoughts about what might happen once I finished highschool. Basically I have this fear of getting left behind by my friends after I graduate because they all seem to have their head on their shoulders while I just sit in a corner being a waste of space. I want to stay by their side always cuz I've been friends with them since middle school and they're great pals. I want us to stay close for the rest of our lives but I know thats not how life works and Im real scared-


-I don’t know where this sudden anxiety is coming from since I still have a few years with them. Bottom line is that I don’t want to leave them and I’m scared of what will happen after. You don’t have to draw anything. I just needed a place to vent and I don’t want to burden my friends more by having them reassure me. Thank you for listening to me.
It’s fine! It’s perfectly fine to randomly feel these sorts of things, because that’s at least a sign that you’re thinking ahead, ya know? And the fear is normal because, hey I’m not gonna lie, a lot of time friendships do fall through once people go off to different colleges, but that’s not always the case. It happens both ways, but if you want to stay friends you are going to have to work to keep in touch. I also don’t expect you to carry the friendships all on your own because your friends should put in just as much effort. All my friends scattered after high school, and some of them went pretty far, but we still text, message each other and meet up over breaks. It’s a little strange, but I’m sure everyone’s thought about these things before going off on their own. You’re not burdening anyone, because you can be reassured by your friends’ actions. If everything seems to be going along fine the chances are it probably is fine. Also I didn’t really have the best head on my shoulders when I left a while back, heck I didn’t even know where to really go or if I wanted to cripple myself with debt by attempting to get into art school. But even without a good head on your shoulders if you have an open mind, and good heart these things usually don’t turn out too bad. Maybe it was just a passing anxiety, maybe you’ll end up thinking about it more than you wanted to, but don’t let it get to you too much. If you feel like you’re drifting from your friends, maybe strive to hang out with them more? But don’t be too worried about college and the future, if you worry too much about that stuff you miss all the great stuff in the now. : ) -Mod Stormy
Anonymous sent:
Pardon me because I think you answered this before (maybe?), but I've been wanting to start my own genderbend blog, and I was wondering if it would be alright with you? I don't mean to like, copy you? And I don't want it to seem that way... I just think it would be kind of a fun thing to do. :)

I actually did receive a similar ask a while back which you can find here: (X).

I still stand by my response in that I’m not going to stop anyone from making a genderbent blog because I don’t own the characters, and it’s not like the idea itself is original. However, I still feel if someone was to go ahead with this they really would need to start from scrap. Make your own designs, sculpt the personalities how you feel fit, try to refrain from using certain quirks I’ve embedded into the characters seen here, ect. I mean if you’re Stan also had long black hair that’s no big deal, because really most Stan’s do, but I haven’t actually come across other Stans named Samantha so you’d be better off picking a different name. Also most Kennys become Kendra’s or Kelly’s something usual, I took that a step further keeping her name Kenny, but making it a nickname for Makenzie which is not a name that had been used prior to me making this blog. (If it was I hadn’t seen it and I pretty much live in the Kenny tag.) Also, I wouldn’t feel comfortable if you gave her the same beauty mark under the eye (freckles are fine go nuts with those) or the single pierced ear for the same reason mine has a pierced ear. I’m not trying to sound discouraging, but I do want people to know that character design is something I really enjoy, and I try to come up with new fun ways to reinvent characters. So to have someone use what I have created as a starting point would make me feel cheated? So can you make your own genderbent blog? Absolutely! Can you blatantly use my work or designs. No, because that discourages me from working on my own characters. Just you know, if you’re going to do something always strive to be original! ; v ; 

Sorry for the word vom, as an artist who has been a victim of theft I’ve become pretty overprotective and defensive. I really do apologize for that. -Mod Stormy