I started answering this ask about Mother Hen Kylie, and I actually needed to stop because I’m laughing so hard I can no longer hold the pen straight. Looks like I’ll have to finish it tomorrow. I swear I’m funny guys.  -Mod Stormy

Flashforward to college!Kylie who is a BioMedical Engineer major and has so much work to do, and can’t properly take care of herself, and stress eats at 3:00 am because she can’t get her printer to work and the library is closed, and doesn’t set up a good social life outside of “school friends”. She gains her weight in her thighs, and tum. Maybe she’ll have a better second year but her first year was complete shit. (; n ; )

here's a thank you for the birthday bunny, plus this blogs amazing!!!


I really love the picture, and it really helps to know someone cares enough to do something like that, you’re a very caring person, and you do an amazing job with this blog. keep it up! <3

Thank you so much! This is so sweet, and really appreciated. ; v ; -Mod Stormy

Anonymous sent:
The way you draw Kevin is like, really hot. anD THIS ASK IS VERY UNTIMELY I AM NOT REFERRING TO THE BUNNY PICTURE

OH MY GOSH! It’s untimely and at the same time not, because every time I make a post with Kevin in it I will get a couple of asks about how hot he is, and I was going to round them all up and answer them, but now they’re just littering my inbox. Apparently the consensus is that Kevin is hott. Two T’s because here at GB-SP-ASK we’re serious. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Mod Stormy

I’ll show myself the way out. Bye. //cries forever

A while back someone was wondering if Kenny wanted to be a Bunny when she grew up, and the answer is: Most definitely. -Mod Stormy


"Naw, I think I’m fine. I’ve decided I’m taking Marj if no one asks her. Mostly because she’ll cry if she has to go to another school dance alone….but you know…if I get asked out by a proper suitor, which I surely will, then I guess you can take her for me instead. 

Please enjoy Twitch trying to introduce Claire to quiet time, and this is the one time Claire decides she has a lot to say.

//This is kind of late, but messages get lost and buried in the inbox often so I can’t always answer some of these as quickly as I’d like. Hope you’re doing better . :) -Mod Stormy//

Anonymous sent:
Hi Mod! It's me (the anon who asked for the mermaids). Recently I read a book about mermaids. It involved a boy who'd love to draw, so it reminded me of the picture you did of Weasley. The book is called Lost Voices. So I was wondering if you read it. :)

I’ve actually never read it ahahaha. It’s really sad, but I really don’t read much if at all. `O v O`” //slinks away in embarrassment// I’m sure the boy in the book could actually draw, Wesley just kinda scribbles because really he just wants to sit out on the rocks. He also yells at the people littering. -Mod Stormy


I gave you full credit in the youtube description, of course~

Here’s a list of the songs, In order!

Fat bottomed Girls - Queen

Tomorrow Is a latter day - The Book of Mormon

Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rey

Royals - Lorde

Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michelson 

Problem - Ariana Grande

Maraca - Mohombi

Big Girls Don’t Cry - Fergie

Hollaback girl - Gwen Stefani

Problem - Becky G.

The Cafeteria Song - Equestria Girls

The Two Magicians - Damh The Bard

It’s not easy being green - Kermit the frog

Crazy in the night - Kim Karnes

Thank you the submission! : ) -Mod Stormy

pastelandsarcasm sent:
First of all : I really love your Art and the way you answer the questions ! I get excited everytime you update ^^ You got yourself a little fangirl xD Just a question : Could I draw my OC with one of your Genderbend SP Characters ? I , of course, would give credit and send you a link when it's done! ^^

Ah gee thank you pastelandsarcasm! :) Always lovely to hear from a fan. Of course you’re more than welcomed to draw your oc with one of the characters here! Thank you for giving credit, and I really would love to see it when you’re done. //happy dance -Mod Stormy